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GBRA at Canyon Lake Gorge
16029 South Access Rd.
78133 Canyon Lake , TX
United States
29° 51' 54.5364" N, 98° 11' 20.9652" W
Texas US

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GBRA at Canyon Lake Gorge
16029 South Access Rd.
Canyon Lake, TX, 78133
United States
Guadalupe Blanco River Authority
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A Geological Wonder
During one week in the summer of 2002, more than 34 inches of rain fell in the upper watershed of the Guadalupe River, setting off a torrent of floodwater that carved a perfectly fascinating geological wonder – the Canyon Lake Gorge – out of the earth.

The flood roared through the Hill Country northwest of New Braunfels, tearing away soil, ripping up huge trees, crumpling houses and sending a rush of water from swollen Canyon Lake over its spillway for the first time since the reservoir was completed in 1964.

The historic flood sliced open the ground below the spillway, creating a gigantic 64-acre Gorge and exposing ancient, cretaceous limestone, fossils and even dinosaur footprints 110 million years old.

It is a textbook example highlighting Hill Country geology and the exposed Trinity Aquifer, clearly showing faults, fractures and seeps in the limestone. Limestone layers created from an ancient sea are visible, and visitors admire waterfalls and springs where the aquifer is exposed.