Texas Children in Nature - San Antonio

Texas Children in Nature - San Antonio is a network of organizations dedicated to connecting children and families with nature to be Healthier, Happier and Smarter. TCiN- SA focuses on the region in and around the San Antonio metro area.  We collaborate to raise awareness about why it is important that children and families have a daily connection with nature.  Children today are spending on average 7-11 hours per day indoors, sedentary with media and only minutes per day playing in nature. Not surprisingly we are seeing a rise in childhood obesity, depression, diabetes, near sightedness and a number of other health issues.  Research also shows that children who are disconnect from nature do not understand where their food comes from, water cycles, weather, or develop a basic care about the world around them.  

The good news is- this is a solvable problem.  TCiN-SA works through community partnerships to create opportunities to nature-based learning and access to nature.  NatureRocksSanAntonio.org is one of the tools the collaboration supports to share all the local green spaces, parks, zoos, nature centers and activities with families. 


Texas Children in Nature

We envision that all Texas children and their families will spend more time outdoors, engaged in nature for a healthier and happier life.  Nature Rocks Texas is one of our tools that we designed in partnership with our regional collaboratives and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to help connect families to nature in their communities. 

Research shows that children today are spending between 7-11 hours per day indoors, sedentary with media and only minutes per day playing outdoors.  This disconnection with nature has ill effects on children and adults such as a rise in obesity, diabetes, depression, near-sightedness and attention deficit disorder.  The good news is this is a solvable problem!  Our 300 plus partners around state are working hard to create access to nature, develop curriculum that teaches kids about their natural world and helping break down the barriers that disconnect families from nature.  We now know that children and families who play and learn in nature are Healthier, Happier and Smarter.  For more information visit TexasChildreninNautre.org 

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department supports the work of Texas Children in Nature to connect more children and families with nature.  Our mission is to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. We provide access to nature through our state parks, state natural areas and wildlife managment area, and we create outdoor opportunities for families with our outreach and education programs.