Humming Birds Inspire Yummingbirds

Travis Audubon kids.jpg

When Katherine and Lucy were challenged with coming up with a product for Lemonade Day, they immediately went to Katherine’s refrigerator. They found their mother’s sugar water that she always kept on hand to fill the hummingbird feeders for the spring migration. The girls thought it might make a tasty base for their lemonade product and gave it the name “Yummingbird.”

The two young entrepreneurs have been hosting lemonade stands together since 1st grade, they are now in 4th grade, and this is their first “branded” product. This year the two girls recruited Katherine’s younger brother, Fox, to help bring in customers, expand their operation and assist with quality control.

“I was glad they asked me to be part of their stand this year,” says Katherine’s younger brother Fox. “I like sampling the lemonade to make sure it tastes good.”

Lemonade Day takes place the first weekend in May and is a way to inspire youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. As part of the 14-step process, the participating kids can give their money to a charity of their choice. When the girls were asked what non-profit they wanted to support with their Yummingbird profits, they said they wanted to stick with the bird theme and wanted to do something for bird conservation. Travis Audubon was thrilled to receive the $264.41 from Katherine, Lucy, and Fox, and even more pleased that these young people enjoy seeing and learning about the birds in their own backyards.

“Urban habitats for birds are a priority for Travis Audubon to connect youth and families to birding through education programs and demonstration gardens,” said Valarie Bristol, vice president Travis Audubon. “Backyard birding is such a great way for kids to see wildlife and learn about nature.”

Just as Lemonade Day hopes to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs; Travis Audubon hopes to inspire future generations of bird conservationists. If you and your family are interested in learning more about the hundreds of local and migrating bird species in Central Texas visit for field trip and program listings.