Salado Creek Greenway - South Segment
Ft. Sam Houston to SE Military Dr.
San Antonio,TX, United States
-98° -98' 26.1012" N 29° 29' 8.2440000000001" W

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy traversing the 5.6 mile Salado Creek Greenway that begins at Jack White Park and continues south to Covington Park and beyond.

The 10-foot paved, multi-use path winds along shady, heavily wooded areas surrounding the Salado Creek, thick with towering hardwood trees such as Oak, Pecan and Texas Cedar Elm. The trail passes several locations where the creekway is a perennial stream, serving as home to fish, turtles, waterfowl and other riparian species.

Trailheads are located at:

  • Jack White Park, 3803 Seguin Rd
  • Pletz County Park, 1400 Picardie
  • Willow Springs Golf Course, 202 AT&T Center Parkway
  • Martin Luther King Park, 3503 Martin Luther King
  • The intersection of Rice Road and Brooksdale
  • J- Street Park, 3500 J Street
  • Covington County Park, 2220 Rigsby Avenue.


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